By the grace of God, I have got a melodious voice as my nearer, dearer and listeners make me feel that volatile variations is a special virtue in me. They recognize me as an owing talent in the field of singing. Inspired by people who arouse my self confidence and enthusiasm I feel in me the chanting chance of becoming a promising singer of the century.


Trying hard with a firm confidence for storming the world of music and songs with a cultured and trained voice as everyone having a goal of life, always touch the heights of the field one belongs to.


I was born on 24 oct. 1987 in Delhi in the pious home of Ms. Sabina Malik and Mr. Ramesh Malik. I enjoyed my childhood in the lap of musical background i.e. my father belonging to Gawaliar  Gharana.


Naturally the eternal musical blood kept running in my veins and when I started singing at the age of three. My experienced father recognized my talent and voice. He started to guide me for the holy sky touching aim of keen and deepest learning of music. As the part of teachings and guide ness of my father I sent to Sh. Tejpal Singh Bandhu (Singh Bandhu fromIndoregharana) where I learned much more and knew the reality of musical inspiration of soul.


During the course of learning I started to performing the stage shows at different places with musical dignities. Most of the dignitaries recognized and appreciated my caliber and heartily blessed me for sure success.


Saiyanra - Ek Tha Tiger

Beda Paar - Fukre

Lag Gayi Lottery - Fukre

Nasha - Delhi Belly

Rangeela Re - Not A Love Story

Salone Kya - What's Your Raashi

Jaao Na - Whats Your Raashi

Dhadkan - Whats Your Raashi